Information Security Education and Awarness Project

The activities of introduction of Information Security curriculum are being implemented through Resource Centres(RC) and Participating Institutes(PI). The Resource Centers are premier institutes like IITs and IISc. Bangalore who acts as mentors, while the Participating Institutes include National Institutes of Technology, Government Degree Engineering Colleges, IIITs, Societies of DIT, etc.

The activity of training of Central and State Government officers are being implemented through six DIT organizations viz. CDAC, ERNET India, DOEACC Society, CERT-In, STQC Directorate, & NIC.

The Information Security awareness programme for the industry, educational institutes and the masses is being implemented through CDAC, Hyderabad.

Other agencies involved includes NICSI which is supplying the Lab equipments to RCs/PIs; STPI is looking after the requirement of Project Implementation Unit(PIU) at DIT; and CDAC-Delhi jointly with CDAC- Hyderabad are implementing agency for the design and maintenance of the ISEA projects website; and Development of Learning Material for the training of govt. officers.

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