Website: Information Security Awarness

A major role for the Awareness of cyber security has been, and will continue to be, to leverage existing awareness and outreach efforts and to initiate and enhance public. Promoting a secure cyberspace is the responsibility of every citizen, all levels of government, academia, and industries, regardless of size or sector. The list of key stakeholders involved in the solution is limitless, and therefore, the solution will only come as a result of coordinated, public-private partnerships.

There is need to develop a national awareness campaign and a strategy to communicate public with masses, academia and private industry across the country about the importance of cyber security and their role in enhancing security. Recognizing the role of school students, teachers, and schools and universities, a strategy has been created to bring cyber security directly to them. In addition, We have to mobilize of dedicated state and local public servants who have taken shared responsibility in enhancing cyber security awareness in state and local government agencies throughout each state.

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