Tata Communications Expands its Cloud Offering Bringing Instant Performance to Indian Businesses

India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore) – October 7, 2010 – Tata Communications today announces the launch of InstaCompute and InstaOffice to further its promise of bringing productivity enhancing services to Indian businesses. The launch marks the company’s expansion in the cloud space to deliver self-service, pay-as-you-use IT application and data center infrastructure services, accessed through the Internet.

Combining its global IP network and 300,000 sq. ft of Indian data center space with its managed services capabilities, Tata Communications will help Indian businesses harness the power of IT infrastructure and applications without them needing to invest capital, manpower and management resources. Large, medium and small businesses will immediately benefit from Tata Communications’ bespoke Indian delivery model, secure and reliable networks as well as India pricing and support. The India-specific model provides businesses with a clear understanding of how this new infrastructure can be leveraged and simplifies payment options on a pay-as-you-grow basis.

Instant data centre infrastructure, InstaCompute, provides secure and elastic, on-demand computing and storage resources to businesses over the network, as and when they need them. Self-provisioned and completely automated, pay-per-use, InstaCompute allows organizations to manage their business in line with growing and fluctuating market demands and rapidly evolving technology. Computing and storage is based in India, can be paid for in Rupees or global currencies and provides the user with governance and cost controls. InstaCompute runs on compute and storage infrastructure from Dell.

To complement InstaCompute, InstaOffice (powered by Google Apps) brings global internet-based collaboration and office tools to Indian companies, with on-demand ease of use and pricing. InstaOffice tools include email and calendar, instant messaging, voice and video chat, as well as office document applications which are accessible to businesses when and where they need them. InstaOffice joins the other InstaApps that Tata Communications already offers in India: InstaCC (contact center), InstaCRM (customer relationship management) and InstaECM (content storage and management).

Vinod Kumar, President and COO, Tata Communications says, ‘Driven by a rapidly evolving economy, Indian businesses desire flexibility and scalability of infrastructure as they pursue growth within India and overseas. Simultaneously, the competitive environment requires them to achieve their goals with low upfront investments. Tata Communications’ InstaCompute and InstaApps will help our customers to quickly leverage advanced IT and networking services, without the cost and complexity associated with them.’

India’s GDP grew 7.4% percent in 2009 – 2010¹ and is expected to grow to 8.5 percent in the next two years². More than 5000 large enterprises and five million micro, small and medium enterprises will participate in this growth.³ InstaCompute and InstaApps will free up considerable financial and managerial resources in the transition from a capex-heavy, on-premise model, to a pay-as-you-use model. Customers can focus their energies on pursuing their growth opportunities while relying on Tata Communications to deliver the technology infrastructure to support their business ambitions.

‘Cloud-computing offers much more than cost reduction; it enables innovation and new business models where customers can focus on their core business and partner with Tata Communications to obtain instant IT and network services to support it. Emerging market companies, in particular, can leapfrog to world-class technology capabilities by adopting cloud-computing models’, concludes Kumar.

Tata Communications’ global submarine cable network, Tier-1 internet backbone and data center space, as well as its existing suite of complementary services (Managed Security, Content Delivery Networks and Managed Telepresence), enable it to provide services with high security, availability and performance. Customers can engage one service provider for a variety of network, infrastructure and application services, with end-to-end service level agreements (SLA) and 24 X 7 local support.

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³ http://www.nasscom.in/upload/images/Customised_Products_for_Small_Firms_Hindu_April_2010.pdf


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