Open Source Hardware – its Cost Reduction for many enterprise business

Large enterprise, cloud service providers, ‘big brand’ product companies are spending millions or billions of dollars in building their data center.

So what do you think keeping these companies technology imperatives moving forward.

Are they going to focus on hybrid controllers, traffic shaping, 100G, network modeling, network analytics and simulation, circuit automation and testing, backbone and edge traffic engineering, passive and active monitoring, configuration automation and management, IPv6.

What will happen if they increase the racks every day as the business grow. When the capacity increase and demand of services in market to keep the system live without disruption. Will these companies still pay more money to traditional technology vendors to buy more silicon boxes or bare metals. How long will they survive doing this? [also read – NextGen Data Center and Security Strategies]

While business has re-invented its credibility by utilizing open source software for many years now – Do they’ve an option to explore similar possibilities in open hardware technology that helps in huge capital expenditure reduction and upfront investment.

The Open Compute Project is a rapidly growing community of engineers around the world whose mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs available for scalable computing. Currently there are nine Project Groups that individuals and organizations can get involved with and participate in. [also read – What should Telecom companies learn from Facebook ’10 year technology road-map’]

Inspired by the model of open source software, Facebook want to share the innovations in their data center for the entire industry to use and improve upon. They announced the formation of the Open Compute Project, an industry-wide initiative to share specifications and best practices for creating the most energy efficient and economical data centers.

Microsoft introduced Project Olympus – next generation cloud hardware design and a new model for open source hardware development.

NVIDIA is joining the Open Compute Project to help drive AI and innovation in the data center. The company plans to continue its work with Microsoft, Ingrasys and other members to advance AI-ready computing platforms for cloud service providers and other data center customers.

Many other companies joined this membership with OCP including Alibaba Group, AT&T, Cumulus, Deutsche Telekom, Google, IBM, Intel, Nokia, NetApp, Rackspace, and many more organization are yet to participate.