Marketing Blockchain Solutions – Jeremy Epstein

jeremy-epsteinJeremy Epstein (@jer979) is an expert marketer helping companies make sense of solutions built on blockchain technology. In this episode, Jeremy and I discuss and define blockchain and what are some of the most common issues when marketing the idea to new customers.

Join is and listen to how inefficiencies in the healthcare, mortgage, insurance and other industries can use blockchain technology to create value and trust.

Questions During Episode

  1. If I need help with blockchain marketing, how did I get myself in this situation?
  2. What are some of the common problems blockchain technology providers need to overcome?
  3. What thinking does the enterprise IT team think of blockchain and what is their feedback?
  4. Is banking the most common example for blockchain and bitcoin?
  5. What are the next industries to use blockchain?
  6. Will blockchain repair the imbalance of value?
  7. What is the decentralization going to do to marketers?
  8. What will the average consumer use to make sense of a blockchain reputation score?
  9. Is there a finite value to blockchain technology when solving for the inefficiencies?
  10. What do you in your spare time?

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