I’m Rasool Irfan. I work for leading IT services company as enterprise security architect.

Cyber security requires constant learning and awareness. I write this blog and share cyber security related information for the community aspire to keep the digital environment secure

Throughout my work experience, I’m witnessing how IT security leaders making informed business decisions, how unique cyber security problems being solved by startups with innovative solutions and leading cyber security companies. However, there are abundant opportunities for individuals and organizations to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems.

I’ve graduated on B.Tech in Information Technology (IT) and M.B.A in Technology Management. I’ve completed cyber security certifications including CISM, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, CEH and leading technology product courses and certification programs

With my various Job roles and responsibilities throughout my career, I’ve got opportunity to work for various industry verticals such as Telecom, media and entertainment, Banking & financial services, Healthcare and life science, Retail and consumer goods and more. Each industry vary is their business model and has it’s unique cyber security challenges and need to adhere regulatory requirements.

Collaboration and effective communication helps to gain knowledge and collectively overcome the cyber security issues for the mobile first generations in this digital economy.

I’m based out of India. The views and opinions expressed in the blog article are not necessarily of the organization I work for nor my personal and professional contacts. I’m happy to be contacted about any corrections or suggestions for material.

Disclaimer :

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