Palo Alto Firewall Migration What to look out for? You should be conscious in understanding the TO-BE network security topology & ensure the required assets (additional switches, cables, etc) and get ready with the solutions & logical diagram Most importantly, have skilled resources to perform the task. If the present employees are not master in PA. Please provide them training... Continue Reading →

Ports used in Check Point VPN-1 for communication

Various parts of FireWall-1 bind to various ports on the system. Typically, they intercept connections traversing through the firewall, but in order for this to work correctly, they must bind to their own port and listen. In general, the services bound to these ports do not pose any sort of security risk. If no policy... Continue Reading →

Checkpoint Packet Inspection – Flow

The Security Gateway integrates both network-level and applicationlevel protection by combining Stateful Inspection and Application Intelligence. All inbound traffic is routed through the Security Gateway, as this is the logical place for active defenses to reside. System resources and processing time are saved by processing packets in an operating system’s kernel. Applications and processes in... Continue Reading →

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