Fortinet Demo – Learning and Training

FORTIANALYZER -- The FortiAnalyzer family of real-time network logging, analyzing, and reporting systems is a series of dedicated hardware solutions that securely aggregate and analyze log data from FortiGate security appliances. Your Login name is: demo Your password is: fortianalyzer ========== FORTIMANAGER -- The FortiManager System is an integrated management and monitoring tool that... Continue Reading →

Packet capture ( CLI sniffer ) in Fortinet

Fortinet devices include a built-in sniffer that you can use for debugging purposes The following are suggestions to improve the usability of this tool. Try to always include ICMP in the sniffer filter. You may capture an ICMP error message that can help identify the cause of the problem. For example, diag sniff packet interface... Continue Reading →

Understand the ‘diagnose sys top’ command in Fortigate

Description: A description of the information provided by the FortiOS 3.0 diagnose sys top CLI command. This article also contains information about sorting the information displayed by the command and about how to use the information displayed by the command to identify the process to stop. Components FortiOS 3.0 and FortiOS Carrier 3.0 About the... Continue Reading →

Difference between URL Filter and Web Filter in Fortinet

FortiGuard - Web Filter FortiGuard Web Filtering is a managed web filtering solution provided by Fortinet. FortiGuard Web Filtering sorts hundreds of millions of web pages into a wide range of categories users can allow, block, or monitor. The FortiGate unit accesses the nearest FortiGuard Web Filtering Service Point to determine the category of a... Continue Reading →

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