Night Dragon hackers targeted Shell, BP and Exxon

Phil Muncaster, 24 Feb 2011 The Night Dragon hacking attacks uncovered by security vendor McAfee were targeted at some of the world's largest petrochemical companies, including Shell, Exxon Mobil and BP, according to new reports. A Bloomberg report citing "one of the companies and investigators who declined to be identified" said that the list... Continue Reading →


China tried to hack India’s computers

LONDON: Chinese hackers have tried to penetrate computers in the offices of national security adviser MK Narayanan, a British paper on Monday quoted him as saying. Narayanan said his office and other government departments were targeted on Dec 15, the same date that US defence, finance and technology companies, including Google, reported cyber attacks from... Continue Reading →

China using elite hacker community to build cyber warfare capability

LONDON: The Communist regime in China with the help of a elite hacker community is building its cyber warfare capabilities and appears to be using a long-term computer attack campaign to collect US intelligence. An independent study released by a congressional advisory panel found cases that suggested that China's elite hacker community has ties to... Continue Reading →

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