Cyber security Supply & Demand Heat Map

Cybersecurity workers protect our most important and private information, from bank accounts to sensitive military communications. However, there is a dangerous shortage of cybersecurity workers in the United States that puts our digital privacy and infrastructure at risk. Every year in the U.S. there are 128,000 openings for Information Security Analysts, but only 88,000 workers... Continue Reading →

Estonia learned how to combat from cyber attacks

Estonia is a country of many legends.¬†Apart from traditional training and apprenticeships it is already a good habit among Estonian ICT companies to exchange information and experiences in various fields. Developers come together to introduce their newest tricks, testers discuss how to find flaws in systems before end users are unpleasantly surprised, cyber defence guys... Continue Reading →

State of Network Security Assessments

Infact, we've heard that companies does vulnerability and penetration testing on their corporate infrastructures. What do you think of the IT Managers way of handling with these results and/or executive summary 1. Does their any action taken with these results 2. Does the system owners /business owners know how to remediate the fixes/finding available in... Continue Reading →

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