Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) solve shortage of Cyber Security professionals

Worldwide Revenue for Security Technology Forecast to Surpass $100 Billion in 2020, According to the New IDC Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide. The industries that will see the fastest growth in their security investments will be healthcare (10.3% CAGR), followed by telecommunications, utilities, state/local government, and securities and investment services. "The pace and threat of security... Continue Reading →


Is Digital Transformation termed as Business Transformation

Technology Paradigm Shift The IT services industry is undergoing a technology paradigm shift that has strategic implications for service providers. The world has seen many changes in last four decades that includes #Mainframe to #IT Stack to #Outsourcing. The age we live now is #Digital and this will define the future of the 'born connected'... Continue Reading →

Telco’s transformation strategies to become Digital Service Provider

The telecom industry, in particular, is coming to the realization that a whole new business model is critical to survival and growth in the digital economy. In order to sustain, communications service providers CSPs now have to plot a course towards becoming digital service providers (DSPs). The World Bank’s new report, “Digital Dividends,”questions widely held... Continue Reading →

Doing Projects Right vs Doing Right Projects

New Product Development Process

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