Internet of Things: Opportunities to monetize

Kevin Ashton is an innovator and consumer sensor expert who coined the phrase “the Internet of Things” to describe the network connecting objects in the physical world to the Internet. Years later, the digital shift that Ashton imagined is well underway. Organizations are using the IoT to glean new operational insights, grow revenues, reduce costs, and... Continue Reading →

Algorithm & Analytics driving digital economy

Algorithm and Analytics - What you should know? In today's digital economy business - many should have noticed that most of the billion dollar companies have made platforms that allow the B2B and B2C segments to perform their need using 'algorithms' and 'analytics'. It also has variety of terms that are interconnected such as 'IoT', 'Big... Continue Reading →

IoT security guidelines released by GSMA

The GSMA released a set of security guidelines for the Internet of Things (IoT) in a bid to ensure services are reliable and trustworthy. They take the form of separate documents targeted at the major component parts of the IoT value chain, such as the service, network and terminal. The idea is that by following... Continue Reading →

Telecom operators seek to solve security problems of the future

As Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products and services like smart televisions and smart homes begin to enter the market, many consumers are becoming worried that these devices will make them vulnerable to hackers who want to steal personal information - or worse. One fear involves the manipulation of rapidly evolving smart car technologies. Some worry... Continue Reading →

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