Quantum computers pose a significant risk to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is no stranger to controversy. It has weathered various storms over its security. But that is no guarantee that bitcoin will cope well in the future. One of Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has revealed that it’s lost nearly $400 million in a security breach. Coincheck says that it has restricted deposits and withdrawals for a cryptocurrency... Continue Reading →

How Tata can regain the telecom market in India

India Telecommunication market has huge potential due to various factors With a subscriber base of nearly 1,210.71 million, as of July 2017, India accounted for the 2nd largest telecom network in the world. With 431.21 million internet subscriber, as of June 2017, India stands 2nd highest in terms of total internet users Mobile based Internet... Continue Reading →

How well are companies prepared to withstand cyberattacks?

Press Conference: How well are companies prepared to withstand cyberattacks? The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with its partners , has developed a first-of-its-kind set of principles and tools for corporate oversight boards to tackle cybersecurity and resilience. Speakers: Mike Nefkens, Georg Schmitt, Derek O'Halloran, Victoria A. Espinel https://webcasts.weforum.org/widget/1/davos2017?p=1&hl=english&w=800&h=450&id=83766&auto=1 Leave your comments below

US cybersecurity trade mission visits Poland, Romania

The US Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews announced he will lead a delegation of 20 American companies on a Cybersecurity Trade Mission to Bucharest, Romania, and Warsaw, Poland on 11-15 May. Assistant Secretary for Industry and Analysis Marcus Jadotte will also participate in the mission. The trade mission will help US companies launch or... Continue Reading →

Stuxnet: Are we prepared to defend

What is SCADA? - SCADA in an acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, a category of computer programs used to display and analyze process conditions. Poorly understood by most non technical authors on the subject, SCADA is only one component of an automated facility and does not directly interfere with actuator devices such as valves, pumps, or motors – this is achieved by industrial... Continue Reading →

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

If protecting the integrity of patient health care information were not already sufficient incentive to improve IT security, being HIPAA compliant comes with even more perks for most providers. Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Care Record (EHR) Incentive Programs have been implemented to provide financial incentives to eligible medical professionals and hospitals that demonstrate they... Continue Reading →

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