Estonia learned how to combat from cyber attacks

Estonia is a country of many legends. Apart from traditional training and apprenticeships it is already a good habit among Estonian ICT companies to exchange information and experiences in various fields. Developers come together to introduce their newest tricks, testers discuss how to find flaws in systems before end users are unpleasantly surprised, cyber defence guys... Continue Reading →

Telco Providers Security Challenges – Part 2

DDoS AttacksThe common attack vectors for any DDoS would be of the followingVolumetric or Flood Attacks Bad guys shall expoit the system with arge botnets or spoofed IP to generate a lot of traffic bps or pps. The UDP-based floods from spoofed IP take advantage of connection less UDP protocol. They even take out the infrastructure... Continue Reading →

Telco Providers Security Challenges – Part 1

BGP Hijacking (sometimes referred to as IP hijacking, prefix hijacking or route hijacking) Routing between Autonomous Systems (AS) is achieved using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which allows ASes to advertise to others the addresses of their network and receive the routes to reach the other Ases. Each AS implicitly trusts the peer ASes it... Continue Reading →

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