Telco’s revenue growth over last few years is not promising

Global telecom companies revenues grew 2% YoY in 1Q17, to US$443.6bn. A modest recovery in mobile revenues is the primary factor, with Japan, Brazil, and Australia among the best performers. By contrast, India, China, the US, and several other big mobile markets declined in 1Q17. The decline in the US is particularly worrisome. The telecommunication... Continue Reading →

US Cybersecurity Framework – Common concerns

US Cybersecurity Framework - Common ConcernsSpending on security continues to increase. Recent Wall Street Journal article says, “Global cybersecurity spending by critical infrastructure industries was expected to hit $46 billion in 2013, up 10% from a year earlier, according to Allied Business Intelligence Inc.”President Obama released E.O. 13636 on Feb. 12, 2013 including Sec. 7. Baseline... Continue Reading →

Cyber risk to US, China relations

GOOGLE'S fight with Chinese censors could become a US-China showdown over cyberwarfare as claims emerge about the size of Chinese attacks on US commercial and defence systems. The Chinese-originated attack on Gmail accounts of human rights activists that made Google threaten to leave China was ''probably insignificant'' compared with the ''theft'' of source code and... Continue Reading →

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