Azure Information Protection, Where do I start?

Data classification and protection are today’s biggest challenges Enterprise today face data protection challenges to secure sensitive information across its life cycle and exploring solutions that helps to enforce protection policies when in file is created or being changed, enable DLP policies to help prevent the accidental or inadvertent sharing with another user, protection when... Continue Reading →

Multi cloud SIEM deployment cost considerations with IBM QRadar and Splunk

Cloud infrastructure and platform (CIPS) is the combination of both IaaS and PaaS segments into single platform. According to Gartner, The worldwide CIPS market grew 42.3% in 2019 to total $63.4 billion, up from $44.6 billion in 2018. Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba secured the top three positions in the CIPS market in 2019, while Tencent... Continue Reading →

Microsoft E5 can replace 16 Security vendors

Organizations exploring options to reduce the cost of IT security investments while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT resources. Microsoft clients with E5 license can evaluate the below 16 functional domains to utilize the security use-cases and replace security vendors. However, if customer's have unique requirements that are achievable only with marketplace security... Continue Reading →

Simplify network security with SASE

Gartner predicts, Over the next five years, the market for secure access service edge (SASE) will grow at a CAGR of 42%, reaching almost $11 billion by 2024. Organizations today invested on multiple point network and security products and services across their remote offices, corporate backbone network, data centers and public clouds, while the users... Continue Reading →

CISO should redefine corporate security strategy

Evolution of the CISO The role for CISO has evolved in last two decades, In early year 2000 - organizations require security information officer to focus on regulatory compliance and interaction with external auditors and business stakeholders to define IT security requirements. They coordinate audits to ensure that business process are complaint. During the year... Continue Reading →

Social media addiction is injurious to mental health

In mobile first generations, the global youth population are born connected. According to Reuters Institute India Digital News Report, 68% of smartphone consumers devices to access online news. The traditional forms of news via broadcast media and print media are becoming outpaced by digital platforms – esp. social media platforms. In India Facebook and WhatsApp... Continue Reading →

Mobile applications require self-defensing capabilities

Software problems begin with errors made by coders Developers often lack security expertise and provide weight-age to the business process while developing client side applications such as mobile apps. With increased usage of smart phones and access to wireless internet keeps the application development market very busy. Organizations are moving towards digital platform and the... Continue Reading →

Decryption tool for the Maze ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software cyber actors use to deny access to systems or data. The malicious cyber actor holds systems or data hostage until the ransom is paid. After the initial infection, the ransomware attempts to spread to shared storage drives and other accessible systems. If the demands are not met, the... Continue Reading →

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