Propelling successful innovation in established R&D focused companies

The IIT Madras Research Park's "knowledge and innovation ecosystem" facilitates interaction that breaks down traditional artificial barriers to innovation and helps create, integrate, and apply advancements in knowledge. IIT Madras has always been on the forefront of collaborating with industry, and with the development of the Research Park, the resulting synergy leads to matchless technological innovation.

Tenants have the opportunity to tap into the research wealth of one of the leading technological institutions in the country – IIT Madras! The Research Park will enable industry to leverage the specialized expertise of the faculty and utilize their research facilities, while simultaneously providing part time employment and experience to the students of the institute.

The companies will have to actively collaborate with IIT Madras on a sustained basis throughout their tenancy at the Research Park, thus ensuring that the benefit of being in such an ecosystem is leveraged. There are multiple ways in which a company could engage with IIT and each of these would earn a certain number of credit points.