Does Cisco ASA Support IPv6 address to configure failover

Failover does not support IPv6.

The ipv6 address command does not support setting standby addresses for failover configurations. The failover interface ip command does not support using IPv6 addresses on the failover and Stateful Failover interface

IPv6-enabled Commands

The following security appliance commands can accept and display IPv6 addresses:








•show conn

•show local-host

•show tcpstat






When entering IPv6 addresses in commands that support them, simply enter the IPv6 address using standard IPv6 notation, for example ping fe80::2e0:b6ff:fe01:3b7a. The security appliance correctly recognizes and processes the IPv6 address. However, you must enclose the IPv6 address in square brackets ([ ]) in the following situations:

•You need to specify a port number with the address, for example [fe80::2e0:b6ff:fe01:3b7a]:8080.

•The command uses a colon as a separator, such as the write net and config net commands, for example configure net [fe80::2e0:b6ff:fe01:3b7a]:/tftp/config/pixconfig.

The following commands were modified to work for IPv6:



•ip verify


•icmp (entered as ipv6 icmp)

The following inspection engines support IPv6: