What is missing in your ‘Outsourcing’ Industry

Many industry in global environment do typical ‘outsourcing’ kind of work to their clients as its preferred way of transferring risk & expectation of cost reduction

Though there are models, methods available to implement typical strategy to win the game; there exists some ‘unknown’ gap on those outsourcing organizations

Typical Questions are
1. Does your business growth depends on certain geography / client / product / technology
2. Have you experimented ‘Leadership from Bottom’
3. How about ‘Goto market Fast’ – any realistic numbers here
4. How do you identify your key resource in organisation & why they are key

India is most known country for doing outsourcing business. But how long you continue to the same business

Because, the purchasing power of the employees in India has gone up when compared to last decade and the clients started looking for nations supply skilled employees at cheaper cost

Have you estimated the time of loosing your business from client and are you prepared for it