Middle East IT Spending to Exceed $32 Billion in 2014

According to IDC, Middle east IT spending to exceed $32 B in 2014,

  • The Middle East will feature among the fastest growing IT markets in the world, with spending exceeding $32 billion in 2014
  • Smart City Dubai rollout will lead to an acceleration of similar initiatives in other GCC countries
  • ‘Multi-channel’ strategies will drive citizen/resident services penetration and usage in the GCC; ‘Mobile’ will be a game changer
  • Governments will focus on strengthening security for national information assets, expanding the agencies that monitor and protect the national frontline against cyberattacks¬†
  • CIOs will shift toward a ‘mobile first’ approach to IT deployments
  • Small-screen and low-cost options, together with rapidly growing demand from the commercial sector, will shape tablet adoption
  • ‘Predictive’ and ‘operational’ intelligence will drive the adoption of advanced analytics; Big Data deployments will move from pilot to production
  • Acceptance of cloud will accelerate, with private cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoption dominating investment plans
  • The skills gap will widen as demand for 3rd Platform technologies rises and supply of local skills lags
  • Telco’s will further strengthen and ‘verticalize’ their current IT services portfolios, and build new professional services and SaaS capabilities

How do you read this message for your security business & does there a drift exits from western market to emerging market

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Source: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prAE24514713